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Vision Engineering has released the Falcon 3-axis non-contact video measuring system. Designed to be simple, accurate, and affordable, Falcon is suitable for both multi-user shop-floor use and advanced manufacturing inspection applications.

Falcon employs high resolution indexed zoom optics (up to 100x magnification) to provide enhanced component edge definition, with a unique indexed camera iris control to reduce depth of field, increasing accuracy and repeatability of Z-axis results.

The system is a compact unit incorporating advanced features designed to simplify operation and increase accuracy, including controllable quadrant LED illumination and motorized Z-axis control. A measurement capacity of up to 150 x 150 x 125mm (X, Y, Z) is possible and the system includes factory-completed NLEC calibration, as standard.

The intuitive touch-screen colour display is simple to use and the automatic video edge detection ensures reproducible measurement results.


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