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EyeSpector Version 1.5

Vision Components has released Version 1.5 of EyeSpector. The new release includes 20 graphically programmable image processing functions, including support for robot vision with the calibration of 2D and 3D images.

Enhanced communication functions allow data transfer among several smart cameras and hosts, for multi-camera and 3D applications. The EyeSpector is compatible with the VC4xxx Series real-time and network ready smart cameras.

Users can simply configure applications from a PC through an easy to use GUI, without additional programming. It allows users to process rotated images and transmit classification results with subpixel accuracy. The software also provides brightness compensation, pattern matching, colour measurements (based on RGB or HSI colour models) and position compensation (horizontal, vertical, and rotary angles).

Advanced users are able to tackle more difficult and complex tasks with the built-in VB6.0 compatible BASIC interpreter.


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