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ETX thermoelectric cooler

Laird Thermal Systems has released the ETX thermoelectric cooler that can be used to maintain peak performance in machine vision systems.

By combining image-processing and pattern-recognition techniques, machine vision systems provide advanced inspection within quality control, robotics and wire bonding. Artificial intelligence (facial recognition) and object recognition for next generation vehicles are other emerging applications utilizing this evolving technology. Nothing can be achieved in a machine vision system without the successful capture of a very high-resolution image. The new HiTemp ETX thermoelectric cooler can be used to keep the operating temperature below its maximum limit and prevent image quality from deteriorating.

Image quality of machine vision systems will typically degrade when the CCD and CMOS imaging sensors’ operating temperature exceeds 50°C. Thus, passive cooling techniques may be sufficient for machine vision systems in indoor environments, outdoor applications often exceed 40°C, requiring an active cooling solution. This thermal solution must fit tight geometrical space constraints, prevent thermal shorting and protect sensors from moisture intrusion and outgassing.

Solid-state thermoelectric coolers utilize the Peltier effect to create a temperature differential (delta T) to transfer heat from one side of the module to the other. They are integrated directly into the machine vision sensor assembly and require a heat sink or other heat exchanger to rapidly dissipate heat away from sensitive camera components.

Supporting machine vision applications operating in temperatures between 80°C to 120°C, the new HiTemp ETX Series of thermoelectric coolers offers a cooling capacity from 7.7 up to 322 Watts - all in a compact form factor. While standard thermoelectric materials can reach temperature differentials up to 78°C with Th=50°C, the HiTemp ETX Series thermoelectric cooler creates a maximum temperature differential (delta T) of 83°C.

"Our new HiTemp ETX thermoelectric cooler is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials that boost cooling capacity by up to 10%,” said Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. "The robust module construction allows it to operate in high temperature environments where standard thermoelectric coolers fail."

To meet a broad range of application requirements, the HiTemp ETX Series include more than 50 models with a wide variety of heat pumping capacities, sizes and voltage inputs.


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