EMVA organises 12th International Vision Night prior to Vision Stuttgart

The 12th International Vision Night 2018 takes place on 05 November in the restaurant “Plenum” situated in the heart of Stuttgart and integrated in the state parliament building; the same location this EMVA networking event was also held two years ago. Even at night the venue with its glass walls provides a magnificent view on the Stuttgart castle with its gardens, the opera and the city lake.

As the perfect attunement to the eagerly anticipated biannual show days, the International Vision Night on the evening prior to the VISION 2018 opening offers the perfect mixture of networking and celebrating in a relaxed atmosphere. Since usually the international machine vision scene has already arrived in Stuttgart, this evening offers the perfect opportunity to meet and talk to business partners, colleagues and friends.

EMVA-members and non-members are cordially invited to join the relaxed get-together of machine vision experts from all over the world. More details on the event and how to register for the International Vision Night which is usually booked out rather soon can be found at


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