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EMVA business conference brings international vision experts to Prague

Close to 100 machine vision experts from Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China and the United States have already enrolled for the 15th EMVA Business Conference taking place from 22 - 24 June 2017 in Praque, Czech Republic which once again offers a well-balanced mixture of top-notch speeches and networking opportunities.

The opening keynote will be given by Sony Kapoor, Managing Director of the international think tank Re-Define. He will address Europe's economic development under the actually volatile conditions with a special focus on Brexit giving example for other regions and states within Europe strengthening separation trends. Prof. Vaclav Hlavac will introduce Machine Vision activities in the Czech Republic, host country to the  EMVA Business Conference2017.
In the technical session Ignazio Piacentini will talk about automated camera micro assembling and Luca Verre highlights a Bio-inspired sensor. Piet DeMoor will focus on “CCD-in-CMOS Time Delay Integration imagers: the best of 2 worlds”.
The afternoon CEO panel discussion with four CEOs of camera manufacturers, namely Dr. Jost van Kuijk from ADIMEC; Frank Grube from ALLIED VISION; Dr. Dietmar Ley from BASLER and Dr. Albert Schmidt from BAUMER Optronic centers on “Camera trends - Low cost competition with Asia or niche strategy”. After that, EMVA President Jochem Herrmann gives an update on Machine Vision Standards.

On the second conference day, Giles Peckham dedicates his presentation to “Fusing Programmable Logic with Common Embedded Vision” and Lucas Vrabel talks about the new megatrend Machine Learning. This is being followed by the laudation for the winner of the EMVA Young Professional Award 2017 and the winner presentation of the awarded work. The conference closes with a keynote speech by Adam Kingl,  Executive Director of Thought Leadership for London Business School Executive Education titled “How to attract, retain and manage generation Y”.     

Shortly prior to the official start of the EMVA Business Conference, EMVA members meet in Prague for their 2017 General Assembly.

The complete conference program 2017 as well as access to the last remaining conference passes can be found on


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