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EMVA and Vision to host embedded vision conference

Embedded vision has evolved from a buzzword to a lasting trend that bears an enormous potential for both European suppliers of vision technology and product developers in customer industries. In order to show the capability of hardware and software platforms, to present applications and markets for embedded vision and to create a platform for the exchange of information, VISION, world’s leading trade fair for machine vision, and the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) host the first European conference on Embedded Vision, the Embedded VISION Europe, from 12-13 October 2017 at the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart right next to Stuttgart Airport.

Florian Niethammer, team director of VISION at Messe Stuttgart points out: "We have increasingly observed in recent months how important the "embedded" issue has become. We are dealing with an overarching technology, which is of significant relevance in industrial as well as in non-industrial sectors. It is a logical step to organize a conference for developers and users of embedded vision systems together with our long-standing partner, the European Machine Vision Association. The topic is booming, which is why we are creating a professional platform with a strong partner."

Top-notch speakers from chip manufacturers and vision and electronics industry

The conference approach to cover the entire scope of embedded vision is reflected by the impressive list of speakers that already confirmed their participation. So will David Moloney, Director of machine vision technology, NTG, at Intel Corporation, talk about ‘Low-cost Edge-based Deep Learning Inference and Computer Vision in Consumer and Industrial Devices’. Expert technologist at AMD, Dr. Harris Gasparakis dedicates his speech to the question on ‘How to get the best out of heterogeneous system architectures for vision applications’. Paul Maria Zalewski from Allied Vision Technologies speaks about ‘Bringing machine vision performance to embedded systems – Camera Modules with advanced image pre-processing for Embedded Vision’.

Mr. Marco Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing at Videantis, is going to talk about ‘Demystifying embedded vision processing architectures’. Giles Peckham from XILINX dedicates his presentation to the topic or 'reVISION Accelerating Embedded Vision and Machine Learning applications at the Edge'. The list of confirmed speakers further includes Martin Wäny, CEO at Awaiba; Alexander Schreiber; Principal Application Engineer at The MathWorks; Dr. Hans Ebinger, Head of Sales and Marketing at ESPROS; Jochem Herrmann, President of the EMVA; Olivier Despont from Cognex; and Dr. Thomas Däubler, CTO at NET.

Table-top exhibition and B2B meeting opportunities

Since embedded vision is a key technology for a whole generation of new products from all areas conference participants are expected to come from a whole variety of industries, including robotics, agriculture, automotive, factory automation, security/surveillance, logistics and retail, medical and healthcare, and many more. The accompanying special exhibition as well as the option to network and arrange business meetings already upon registration is an ideal platform to deepen the conference topics and business contacts.


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