e-CAM50_CU96 5 megapixel camera board

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e-con Systems Inc., a leading embedded camera solution company, today announced the launch of e-CAM50_CU96, A lowlight 5MP camera board for 96Boards compliant Rock960 developer kit featuring Rockchip RK3399 processor. e-CAM50_CU96 is based on OnSemi’s 1/2.5" AR0521, a 2.2 µm pixel CMOS image sensor with integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP).

e-CAM50_CU96 is capable of streaming HD (1280 x 720) at 70 fps, FHD (1920 x 1080) at 60 fps and 5 MP (2592 x 1944) at 25 fps in uncompressed (UYVY). The higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) supported by this camera helps to produce clear images without noise and better dynamic range helps in retaining more details in shadows and highlights. Along with these features, the powerful in-built ISP helps to brings out the best-in-class video in uncompressed UYVY format. The camera is also provided with the S-mount (M12) lens holder that enables customers to choose lens from a wide range of options as per their requirement.

The Rock960 platform kit is based on the RK3399 SoC which is a Dual Cortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53 CPU, with upto 2 GHZ frequency. This board comes with 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, USB3.1 type C, HDMI 2.0, 4 lane CSI-MIPI, etc on the 96Boards Consumer Edition Standard form factor.

With Capability to stream 5MP at 25 fps, Rockchip based Rock960 is perfect partner for e-CAM50_CU96 to run application requiring high resolution images. High quality video from e-CAM50_CU96 integrated with Rockchip's powerful multi-core processor enables running of robust vision and image processing applications (Realtime camera vision application eg: Face detection, object identification).

The panel discussion at Embedded World in June. Credit: VDMA and Framos

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