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Dynamax-11 CMOS image sensor

Panavision Imaging (PVI) has launched the Dynamax-11 (D11) CMOS image sensor with global shutter technology, which significantly improves image quality for both indoor and outdoor applied industrial imaging applications. PVI's D11 technology platform will be the basis for a full CMOS image sensor product portfolio, targeting markets such as machine vision, intelligent traffic systems, security, surveillance, life sciences, scientific imaging, biometrics, and HDTV camcorders.

The D11-3.2Mp imager features a 5.0µm pixel, 2/3-inch optical format with regions of interest (ROI) in a 16:9 HDTV format. The imager contains a programmable timing engine offering maximum flexibility with minimal external components. A distributed analogue to digital converter (D/AD) eliminates gain variations between rows and the closed loop feedback of the Active Column Sensor (ACS) allows for high gain per column. The D/AD allows for variable bit depth from 8 to 12 bits. Flexible high dynamic range (HDR) imaging is achieved by utilising two data words per row, for dual gain or dual integration. The dual gain or dual integration data can be kept separate on the dual words for proper post processing for enhanced image rendering.

Dynamax 11 allows for either single row or dual row readout. Single row readout is utilised for the lowest power consumption, and dual row readout is used for higher speed and longer line times for dual gain per row or correlated multi-sampling (CMS). CMS can be used to further reduce noise, add gain or achieve greater bit depth.


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