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DP5-A FPGA video development platform

SingMai Electronics has introduced a range of low cost boards targeted at SD and HD video development.

The main board is based around an Altera EP3C25 Cyclone III FPGA which offers sufficient resources to run all of the SingMai video IP cores, yet is also cost effective enough to be used in consumer equipment.

The DP5-A is also bundled with an unlimited use/time license for the SingMai PT13 compact microprocessor IP core for all Altera FPGAs.

The main board can accept up to three add-ons boards. Boards available include analogue and digital interfaces, including NTSC/PAL, YPbPr or RGB analogue component video at either SD or HD resolutions, HDMI/DVI and SDI/HD-SDI interfaces. Each board is also provided with Verilog example code and software drivers for the PT13.

Additional boards include a QVGA LCD display panel and interface, a CMOS image sensor interface for both SD and HD sensors and fast ADC and DAC cards for the acquisition and display of non-standard video.

The development platform is also supported with the SingMai range of video IP cores including analogue video decoders and encoders, 3D video noise reduction, video pattern generators and character overlays and a complete suite of image processing functions for use with the CMOS image sensors.


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