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Deva 037 3 axis USB Encoder Interface

Deva Electronic Controls has introduced the Deva 037 3 axis USB Encoder Interface, a dual input optical edge detector system.

Measuring machines, such as optical profile projectors with built in edge detection offer the advantage of allowing data points to be taken 'on the fly'.  These points are linked together to create edges or contours of the part features.

The Deva 037 is available with one or two edge detector inputs.  Encoder positions can be latched when the optical level present at the signal input, crosses a pre programmed threshold.  The reference input can be used to improve the signal quality by receiving light from the illumination source and cancelling out any disturbances present in the light signal.

Any features measured optically can be measured faster and more accurately due to the amount of information gathered. Edge detection on optical profile projectors and comparators also reduces operator subjectivity of measurements that otherwise involve some discretion or reliance on eyesight and experience.

The Deva037 constantly measures optical and encoder data and uses a post-analysis method to determine the precise position at which the edge occurs.  This leads to a more repeatable measurement result over existing direct hardware edge triggering solutions.


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