Daphnis, Axir, and Snake IR sensors

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Sofradir has introduced new infrared detectors at the SPIE DSS show in Baltimore, US from 5-9 May. The new products include the Daphnis range of 10µm pitch mid-wave infrared sensors, the cryo-cooled Axir infrared detector array, and the Snake shortwave infrared InGaAs detectors.

The 10µm pitch technology has been jointly developed by Sofradir and CEA Leti. The Daphnis-HD 1,280 x 720 pixel format is designed to meet the needs of 16:9 military display formats, while the Daphnis-XGA detector (1,024 x 768 pixels) offers higher resolution than previous VGA generations of sensors (640 x 512 pixels with a pixel pitch of 15µm).

The two new Daphnis products are designed for ground-based, land and airborne vehicles and military satellites.

The new Axir detector is based on a VGA format 15µm pixel pitch InSb FPA and is designed to operate optimally in extremely harsh environments. The detector is highly sensitive in the mid-wave infrared spectral band, ideal for certain ground, naval and airborne defence applications.

The Snake SWIR sensor is a new generation of high resolution InGaAs focal plane array detectors close to the infrared spectral range (0.9-1.7µm, optionally 0.4-1.7µm). The Snake 640 was developed with a VGA format (640 x 512 pixels) and a pitch of 15µm, considered the standard format in the market.

The Snake detector meets the needs of a range of both defence and commercial applications, marked by a strong trend toward InGaAs technology in military applications. It is suitable for air monitoring, driver vision enhancement in armoured vehicles and aircraft, and commercial applications, including spectrometry, silicon inspection, laser imaging and industrial defect inspection.