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D455e depth camera

FRAMOS, a global provider of custom imaging solutions and components, is expanding its successful D400e depth camera series with the D455e variant. This plug-and-play camera is based on Intel® RealSense™ technology and boasts the best accuracy over its range. With a 95 mm baseline – the longest in the product family – the D455e enables high depth accuracy at large working distances. The camera can measure distances of up to 20 m but is most accurate in the range from 0.4 m to 6 m. The measurement error at a distance of 4 meters is less than 2 %. With its high accuracy, large working range, wide field of view (FOV) of 86° x 57°, and ability to capture fast-moving objects without distortion, this GigE industrial camera offers excellent capabilities for use in many different applications.

Targets Many Applications Thanks to Its High and Large Working Range

The D455e from FRAMOS is especially suited to robotics and industrial automation, driverless machines (AGV) in agriculture and construction, and interactive digital signage. It also offers capabilities for multi-camera setups to monitor large areas or different scenarios. The camera enhances the depth data from the stereo setup (1280 x 720 pixels, max. 90 fps) with image data from a global shutter RGB sensor (1280 x 800 pixels, max. 30 fps). As the depth sensors and RGB sensor have the same field of view, the result is an optimal blend of depth information and colour images. The global shutter sensors make it possible to capture extremely fast objects without distortion.

Industrial Housing with Optimised Mounting

The D400e series offers Gigabit Ethernet (M12) and an industrial-grade aluminium housing with IP66 protection. With the new housing design, the connectors are now located at the back of the D455e. In addition, four M4 threads offer more versatile mounting options compared to earlier models in the D400e series. The connectors for Gigabit Ethernet (M12) and the power supply (M8 for 12 V or 24 V, or the GPIO) can be screwed to the camera enclosure. When securely fastened in this way, they are insensitive to vibrations in harsh industrial environments. Cable lengths of up to 100 m are possible.


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