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D400e user space drivers

FRAMOS, a global leader in machine vision systems, is now introducing a GigE user space driver to simplify the setup of container virtualisations – such as Docker – for the FRAMOS D400e depth camera series. Customers can use this solution to roll out all the required software, including their application and drivers, in one package – known as a container – to all host systems in the field. Deploying the drivers and software in Docker containers simplifies installation and setup, especially where many systems use the same configuration.

Containers Have Everything That Is Needed

Docker is free software for container virtualisation. Containers simplify software deployment because they package up all dependencies (such as libraries, configuration files, etc.) together with the actual software. Containers are portable, meaning they can be quickly and easily multiplied and rolled out for many systems.

Automatic Installation Instead of Manual Setup

Once a container is packaged, it can be deployed on any supported host without manual installation or setup. Unfortunately, this process could not be fully done with the previous D400e Software packages as they contained a GigE kernel level driver which needed to be installed on the host system first before the rest of the software could be installed in the container. To address this issue, the new version 2.4 of the software package contains a user space-based GigE driver for the first time. This new driver can be installed at the same time as the rest of the software which allows it to now be included into the same container as the rest of the software being installed. All customers who implement D400e depth cameras with the same configuration can now take advantage of containers to combine all their software into one package. Deploying the entire software stack in a container simplifies the rollout, maintenance and monitoring of the software.

Install Multiple Cameras in Harsh Environments in One Shot

FRAMOS depth cameras offer industry-standard gigabit Ethernet connectivity with a housing that is dust-tight, waterproof, IP66 rated. They are an easy way to integrate 3D vision even in harsh environments. The plug-and-play solutions enable real-time positioning, orientation and tracking for robots, automatic guided vehicle (AGV) navigation systems, or for many other smart machines – such as those used in medical engineering, logistics, automotive or smart agriculture.


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