CVB Polimago

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Stemmer Imaging has extended its machine vision software library Common Vision Blox (CVB) with the introduction of its CVB Polimago tool, which enables robust recognition rates at high speed. During the teaching phase, CVB Polimago automatically generates thousands of training images, reducing the time and effort spent by users.

The CVB Polimago tool's algorithm generates artificial views of the model to simulate various positions of a component in real life. In this way, the algorithm is able to learn the variability of the corresponding pattern, which enables a reliable identification of the training image at a higher recognition rate even in different views. That is what makes CVB Polimago especially suitable for pattern recognition, pose estimation and object tracking.

The new CVB tool is offered as a module of the existing Common Vision Blox library. A software licence for CVB Polimago will be available for purchase from mid-2015. Interested customers, both new and existing, have an option of extensively testing the full version of the software free of charge with a 30-day test licence on