confocalDT IFS 2405 series

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Micro-Epsilon has developed a range of confocal chromatic displacement sensors and controllers for quality inspection and process control of manufactured transparent multi-layer materials, which together, provide multi-peak measurement capabilities for multi-layered glass.

Micro-Epsilon’s confocalDT IFS 2405 series of confocal sensors are designed for measurement tasks that require maximum precision – typically R&D, laboratory, quality and production applications. The sensors provide large stand-off distances (up to 100mm), providing users with greater flexibility in terms of the variety of applications in which the sensor can be used. In addition, the tilt angle of the sensor has been increased significantly (up to 34°), which provides better performance when measuring across changing surface features.

The series comprises five sensors with measuring ranges from 0.3mm up to 30mm. Spot diameter is from 6µm up to 50µm. Maximum resolution is 0.01µm and maximum linearity is 0.3µm.

The confocalDT IFS 2405 series is offered alongside Micro-Epsilon’s confocalDT 2451 controller, which offers a range of technical benefits, including faster measuring rates, improved signal-to-noise ratios, and up to 100 times faster real time surface compensation for difficult-to-measure surfaces, including mirrored surfaces and glass.

The controller uses either a white LED as the light source, which enables measuring rates up to 10kHz, or an external Xenon light source that provides up to 70KHz measuring rate. Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 and analogue output interfaces are provided.