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Common Vision Blox 10.2

Stemmer Imaging has launched version 10.2 of the Common Vision Blox (CVB) programming library. The new version fully supports all 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 and includes the AIA certified CVB GenICam driver that is compatible with the latest GenICam v2.0 standard.

The latest release of the CVB DVD includes new tools for specific vision applications and tasks. The toolkit includes CVB Movie 2 for sequence recording, which allows additional text meta data such as time stamps to be recorded into the AVI container. As an option, the user interface CVB Movie Interactive 2 is also included. This option offers comprehensive recording and processing functions without requiring the user to develop their own interface.

CVB 10.2 also incorporates two new tools for 3D applications. CVB Metric 3D is a powerful calibration algorithm for 3D point clouds and uses a specific calibration target for the individual calibration of 3D point clouds before creating real measurements in 3D.

If laser triangulation is used to generate 3D images, local occlusions of the laser line might lead to undefined areas in the 3D data. CVB Merge 3D allows the views from multiple cameras and views of the same laser line from different angles to be merged into one height image to minimise the occurrence of these occlusions.

Version 10.2 includes comprehensive documentation and sample applications, and is available for download. This update is free of charge for registered users of Common Vision Blox. A free 14-day trial version for all components is also available for feasibility and performance tests.


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