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Common Vision Blox

Firstsight Vision is now shipping the latest release of Common Vision Blox (CVB), the versatile hardware-independent imaging toolkit from Stemmer Imaging. The latest release delivers one of the industry’s first full implementations of the GenICam standard.

GenICam is a central software interface for controlling the camera. With CVB, a developer can now interface to virtually any type of camera by using the same application programming interface (API) to connect to traditional frame grabbers or USB, IEEE1394 (FireWire) and GigE Vision format cameras.

Unlike many software-only products, CVB also supports advanced acquisition capabilities to ensure a robust and validated acquisition. CVB's tool set includes the manto recognition tool reliably classify objects with organic fluctuations in their form. Applications include the classification of fruit and the detection of defects in surfaces.

The latest version of Common Vision Blox, its tools and drivers, and a large selection of documents can be downloaded from


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