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Cobra MultiSpec LED line lights

ProPhotonix Limited, (London Stock Exchange - AIM: PPIX; OTC: STKR), a designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce the addition of two new standard configurations to its COBRATM MultiSpec LED line light; RGB-IR (855nm) and RGB-White multispectral lights. A new Graphical User-Interface (GUI) is also released with these two new standard configurations.

COBRA MultiSpec delivers multispectral tunable illumination allowing users to optimize the spectrum to maximize contrast, compensate for camera sensitivity and deliver clearer, higher resolution images for increased accuracy and speed. Precise control of the light via its user-friendly GUI allows system designers to easily fine tune the performance of their system. Discrete control of each wavelength allows users to select the optimum wavelength balancing and relative intensities specific to the application needs. For high speed image acquisition, the platform’s exceptional strobe capability can be configured to pulse all four strobe lines either simultaneously or sequentially with a combined delay and response time of less than one micro second (1μs).

RGB-IR (855nm) and RGB-White (3500K) COBRA MultiSpec lights are now available as standard, offering ideal solutions for a wide variety of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging applications including food sorting and currency inspection. Custom lights can be developed in configurations of up to twelve wavelengths from 365nm –1650nm.

COBRA MultiSpec is built on the established, compact COBRA Slim platform and utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology to ensure extreme brightness and excellent uniformity. In addition, COBRA MultiSpec offers field adjustable optics allowing users to select the optimum lens position for its application. COBRA MultiSpec is modular and is available in any length up to 5 meters.

Simon Stanley, Director of Technology at ProPhotonix (IRL), said “As multispectral technologies have advanced and hardware costs have reduced, we are seeing rapid growth in the number and range of applications that can be addressed by this innovative imaging technology. With the new COBRA MultiSpec options, ProPhotonix is providing a high-performance, reliable and accessible solution for a wide range of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging applications.”


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