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Chinese delivery service company installs parcel sorting technology

Prime Vision continues to expand its presence in the Asian market by announcing it has secured another substantial contract in China.  The project, for a major delivery service company in the People’s Republic, is to equip its sorting hubs in Shanghai and Shenzhen with the ParcelMatch automation platform including a powerful and bespoke video coding module.

This investment will provide the customer with an effective and secure framework within which to maintain and improve its service. The systems will combine the latest image-capture technology within a powerful and modular framework delivering the utmost flexibility for now and many years to come. Indeed, the flexibility of Prime Vision’s video coding module was instrumental in the company being awarded this Chinese contract.

The project requires Prime Vision video coding to be integrated with multiple camera brands.  Not only is this a unique possibility with the Prime Vision system, but also this hardware independence allows other ‘best in breed’ equipment to be incorporated to optimise the application.

Prime Vision offers tremendous scope in video coding, from letter coding systems to six-sided parcel recognition.  The functionality can be centralised, decentralised or conducted via the web.  Indeed, it can be in one building, in different locations in a single country or across several countries, allowing effective offshore video coding with predictable cost benefits.


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