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Ceres V 640 and Ceres V 1280 LWIR cameras

Ceres V 640 and Ceres V 1280 have been announced today as the new high-performance offer for long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras from Xenics. The Ceres V family complements the previously introduced Ceres T family expanding the possible options for thermal imaging and thermographic applications.

Xenics is Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared sensors, cameras and customized imaging solutions from the short-wave infrared (SWIR) to the LWIR realm.

Ceres V is a LWIR camera family dedicated to industrial vision applications with very high stability performances. With the Ceres V family, Xenics is expanding its high-performance LWIR camera offering toward industrial implementations such as process monitoring, industrial machine vision and medical applications. These high-performance cameras also fit scientific uses.

This unique family demonstrate Xenics’ ability to answer needs and meet demanding requirements of thermal sensing applications.

Xenics to offer the best thermal camera for the industry

The Ceres T family already solved a major issue for thermographic system implementations by providing a stable and highly repeatable measurement solution. Xenics now offer these high performances to all industrial and vision applications: which is the purpose of Ceres V. Moreover, Xenics offers a full LWIR industrial camera with SXGA resolution (1280x1024 pixels). Industrial customers will thus benefit from the high stability developed for the Ceres concept with the flexibility of interchangeable optics and access to high resolution for enhanced capabilities.

Industry benefits from the highest thermal performances

As the current industrial offer is usually split between very high-end but expensive fully thermographic camera or very low-end poor sensitivity and poor resolution but cost-optimized LWIR imagers, Xenics now introduce the high performance, affordable to all kind of applications. The Ceres V family is based on leading-edge 12 µm pitch uncooled microbolometer sensors. Leveraging on Ceres concept developed for Ceres T thermographic cameras, it also benefits from specific development that makes these cameras very stable.

Ceres V family is designed for industrial application and it is proposed with the most popular interfaces in the industry: CameraLinkTM or GigE. Compatibility is also ensured from a control/command and electrical interface perspective with Ceres T products. This simplifies any integration and enables up- or downgrade of the system with minimal effort. These products are also GenICamTM compliant which makes them very easy to use in industrial environments.

“Ceres V is the new reference for industrial thermal imagers and completes the already existing thermographic offer based on Ceres T” explained Marc Larive, Strategic Marketing Manager at Xenics. “Xenics’ LWIR portfolio now covers all the thermal applications. Moreover, Xenics proposes the high resolution on fully industrial dedicated thermal cameras”.

Customers will benefit from the flexibility of Ceres V and will be able to change optics according to their needs among 5 Horizontal Field of View (HFoV) possibilities: 12°, 16°, 25°, 48° or 71°. Xenics’ user-friendly Xeneth GUI and its GenICamTM SDK complete the offer so that customers can spare time in integrating the camera and really focus on their added values: data analysis and process monitoring.

Thanks to this Ceres V new offer, Xenics demonstrates its leadership in thermal vision for industrial applications.


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