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Caspian M12-316-7.5 and camera evaluation kit

Varioptic, a Business Unit of Parrot, has introduced an addition to its Caspian family of autofocus lens modules, the Caspian M12-316-7.5, and an evaluation kit that enables camera designers to develop liquid lens camera prototypes quickly.

The Caspian M12-316-7.5 is based on an Arctic 316 liquid lens and a Sunex DSL944 fixed-focus lens. It is compatible with M12 x 0.5 mounts (S-Mount) and off-the-shelf FPC connectors. With a 7.5mm focal length and compatibility with up to 1/2.5-inch sensors, this module is the perfect choice for demanding applications requiring speed of focus and industrial-grade robustness, such as machine vision, biometrics, barcode reading and medical imaging. An optional IR-cut filter is available.

The company’s Lattice HDR-60 camera development kit incorporates Helion IP cores to evaluate the performance of Varioptic's liquid lens technology. The Varioptic kit will be upgraded later on this year to handle autofocus in video mode and optical image stabilisation, based on the Varioptic Baltic lens family.

The Lattice HDR-60 kit includes a fully integrated HDR image signal processing pipeline from sensor to HDMI/DVI display. The kit also offers fast auto-exposure, greater than 120dB system dynamic range, a highly efficient auto white balance algorithm and 2D noise reduction, all in streaming mode through the FPGA without the need for an external frame buffer. This enables extremely low latency and reduces system cost. On-board DDR2 memory also enables applications such as 3D noise reduction, image stitching from multiple sensors, image rotation and de-warping.


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