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Camera customisation services

Adimec is now offering customisation services focused on enhancing the accuracy of the high-performance image sensors found in its cameras. Customers can now have Adimec provide custom optical coatings to sensors, or remove the protective cover glass altogether, both of which can improve the image accuracy of standard off-the-shelf sensors.

Both types of processes require specialised expertise in order not to damage the sensors and optimise it for specific application requirements. Adimec's technical experts have built a special tool so customers can carefully remove the cover glass, and its in-house coating development team has designed several different types of coatings that can be safely applied to sensors.

Adimec's cover glass removal tool is meant to remove the cover glass easily without the chance of damaging the image sensor. Careful removal is needed because the conversion from air-to-cover glass-to-air is a potentially damaging source of noise, and can cause unwanted interference in very accurate vision applications.

In other cases, the cover glass restricts the range of angles needed by the vision system for its field of view. Some applications, particularly in the medical diagnostics field, require a wider field of view and more oblique angles to obtain the desired image accurately. Removing the cover glass can enable a greater degree of flexibility than with the cover glass in place.

Adimec offers custom coatings such as short pass, band pass, and long pass, which can enhance a vision system and overcome off-the-shelf sensor limitations. With the right coating, the reflection and transmission ratio can be optimised for several sets of conditions or optimised over a particular range of conditions. For example, a customised coating consisting of fluorescent materials can be used for the detection of UV or X-ray wavelengths, not possible with the standard coating on sensors.

Antireflection coatings (ARC) are another custom enhancement option to a sensor and can significantly improve the quality and accuracy of cameras. Adimec is one of the few camera suppliers with its own in-house coating development team, which can work with third-party suppliers to implement a custom coating solution.


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