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Camera control units for IK-HD1

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, a provider of high definition (HD) industrial camera technology, has released two camera control units (CCUs) designed to operate with the remote head, high definition IK-HD1. Both CCU models have been developed in response to customer demand for video output flexibility.

The first of these, the IK-HD1D, features the same output as the original IK-HD1 model (1080i output via Y/Pb/Pr) but has an added DVI-I output on the rear panel. This versatility allows customers to use less costly, consumer HD control panels that accept DVI and/or HDMI signals, rather than the more costly HD-SDI panels.

Toshiba's second model, the IK-HD1E CCU, complements both the original IK-HD1 and the newest CCU model, the IK-HD1D. The IK-HD1E CCU is designed to output HD-SDI and Y/Pb/Pr video signals in both 50 and 60Hz. This is ideal for applications where 50Hz is standard.


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