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C100000 TDI

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the new C10000 TDI (time delay integration) board-level CCD camera that features a high speed, high sensitivity, back-thinned CCD image sensor.

The new board camera is ideal for applications in low light level and high speed machine vision, particularly where UV and NIR sensitivity are required. The C10000 can also be used for the inspection of high volume products such as flat panel and LCD displays, web inspection, electronics and PCB inspection, biomedical instrumentation and many other in-line industrial inspection applications.

The newly developed Hamamatsu CCD sensor features 2048 pixel length by 128 pixel height, with 90 per cent peak quantum efficiency, high UV sensitivity and a very high speed data readout of up to 50kHz line rates. Ordinarily high speed imaging systems suffer from a lack of available light and special illumination systems need to be constructed. However, using the TDI image acquisition method the C10000 board camera synchronises charge transfer with the moving object. This gives 128 times the image integration of a conventional line sensor, and when combined with the high sensitivity of the back thinned CCD chip results in a greater magnitude output of two or three orders compared to a regular line scan camera.


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