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Bobcat-320 SWIR camera

Xenics has released the Bobcat-320 SWIR camera, which targets cost-sensitive volume markets like laser beam analysis applications, sorting and recycling applications and the investigation of defects inside silicon semiconductor material. In these fields of work, the Bobcat series of SWIR InGaAs cameras provides exceptional performance when working in the shortwave infrared (SWIR – 900 to 1700 nm) part of the spectrum.

The new Bobcat-320 is a small, high performance SWIR camera. Its thermoelectric cooler ensures excellent and stable images. Due to its small size and weight, the infrared camera is easy to integrate e.g. in retrofitting industrial applications. The Bobcat-320 SWIR camera is available in 3 different configurations: a basic 100 Hz version, an advanced 400 Hz version and a 400 Hz version for gated imaging.

The Next-Generation Bobcat-320 is a very compact but full-featured, medium-resolution SWIR camera yielding low noise and low dark current and sporting a thermo-electric cooler for sensor stabilization, an on-board imaging processing unit to alleviate system integrators of most of the software application development, as well as windowing and auto-exposure functionality. Other features include standard CameraLink or GigE Vision with Power over Ethernet interfaces, user-friendly Xeneth software, plus a versatile software development kit.

Due to its industry-standard back and front interface and communication provisions Bobcat-320 is easy to integrate and use, shortening time-to-market for competitive product development. Bobcat-320 is compatible with a broad range of industry standard software packages and realizes a high degree of reliability and operational autonomy. With its state-of-the-art InGaAs imager developed by Xenics in-house, the Next-Generation Bobcat-320 is set to conquer rapidly growing yet cost-sensitive volume markets for industrial imaging systems in the shortwave infrared realm (900 – 1700 nm).

To suit various application segments and cost considerations, Bobcat-320 is available in three versions: a basic entry-level 100-Hz model with limited on-board processing directed at competitive volume markets, a 400-Hz high-speed version with full on-board image processing, windowing and auto-exposure included, and a unique high-frame-rate version featuring gated imaging for R&D use and specialized dedicated applications.

Due to its layout for the SWIR, Bobcat-320 can see through glass, can be equipped with standard C-Mount lenses and integrated in standard protective housings. This lay-out is supported by the camera's very compact form factor, light weight and low-power consumption. With these well rounded design features the new Bobcat-320 will define innovative categories for performance and affordability in mainstream industrial applications. 


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