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Blackfly S GigE 5MP models and Flir Research Studio software

Teledyne Flir has introduced the latest additions to its Blackfly S GigE camera line – the BFS-PGE-50S4M-C and BFS-PGE-50S4C-C. These 5 MP models are particularly well suited for integration into small handheld devices with their impressive low weight of 53 grams and high pixel density ideal for integrating with compact, less expense lenses. Leveraging Sony’s IMX547 sensorthey deliver exceptionally low-light performance with superior quantum efficiency and very low absolute sensitivity making them suitable for a range of challenging applications from biometrics to scientific research and more.

These new GigE cameras with power over ethernet also take advantage of our Lossless Compression feature, delivering 25% higher frame rate of 30 FPS without compromising on image quality. Read along for more detailed specs, pricing and to consult a specialist about your project requirements.

• 5 MP global shutter CMOS
• At 53 grams, the lightest weight camera with IMX547
• Lossless Compression enables 25% higher FPS (from 24FPS to 30 FPS @ full resolution)
• High QE and low noise yield a low Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (4.4 photon AST)
• Superior quantum efficiency (68% QE @ 525nm)
• Excellent low-light performance (2.49 e- read noise)
• Small pixel size enables less expensive, more compact optics
• High sensitivity (High QE and Low AST) reduces lighting system requirements

Customization Options and Special Requests

Researchers, manufacturers, and diagnosticians in specialized fields know the smaller the scale, the more important it is imaging devices are free from any particles that might obstruct or blur a magnified sample. Teledyne FLIR cleans and assembles all its machine vision camera optical assemblies in an ISO certified clean environment (ISO7 - Class 10000). This standard level of dust control is sufficient for most uses however, some applications require an even higher standard. In such cases, our Enhanced Dust Control Service is available on all area scan machine vision cameras except Blackfly S Board Level (USB3/GigE) and Firefly models.

FLIR Research Studio software

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY), announced today the release of the latest versions of FLIR Research Studio software. This new release includes both a Professional Edition with FLIR Research Studio Player—designed for research and science applications requiring robust data capture and analysis—and an upgraded version of the FLIR Research Studio Standard Edition. Both the Standard and Professional Editions are now offered as one-year subscriptions or perpetual licenses.

“The new FLIR Research Studio Professional Edition works the way you work, featuring the recording and analysis capabilities needed for cutting-edge research and development applications,” said Chris Bainter, vice president of business development, Teledyne FLIR. “Both the Standard and Professional versions offer a streamlined, intuitive ‘Connect – View – Record – Analyze – Share’ workflow, making it easy to quickly characterize important thermal data to support critical decisions. This helps improve collaboration and increase efficiency to reduce the potential for misunderstanding critical thermal data.”

The new Research Studio Standard Edition includes several updates including improvements in data recording and export. Connectivity options have also been enhanced across both editions with the Professional Edition supporting the FLIR High-Speed Data Recorder (HSDR). In addition, the Professional Edition includes advanced image enhancement tools, analysis capabilities, and data-plotting features along with to the ability to export data to the new FLIR Research Studio Player.

New FLIR Research Studio Player

The Research Studio Player is a free software application for sharing recorded data easily in 21 different languages and across Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems. With a Professional Edition License of Research Studio, the user can export .FRS files that are readable in the Research Studio Player with no limitations on file sizes. The Player has the same analysis capabilities as Research Studio Professional Edition, but it cannot connect to thermal cameras or record data.

FLIR Research Studio Professional Edition with Player and FLIR Research Studio Standard Edition are available for purchase today globally from Teledyne FLIR and its authorized dealers.


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