Bin picking kit

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The new Bin Picking Kit from RARUK Automation is the latest example of how the company is providing manufacturers with accessible automation so workers can relinquish tedious and repetitive tasks in favour of higher-value, more strategic work. This latest addition to its range provides a complete solution for picking, handling and placing flat and cylindrical parts whose rapid set-up ensures optimal return on investment.

Combining proven products from Robotiq and Pickit, the kit is compatible with RARUK Automation's UR5e, UR10e and UR16e Universal Robots. It is suitable for bins up to 800 x 600 x 450mm and for handling parts with a minimum size of 10 x 10 x 5mm or flat parts at least 1.5mm thick.

The kit comprises three main elements, the first of which is a Robotiq EPick vacuum gripper which fits onto the wrist of the cobot and is ideal for handling both flat and curved parts. As the gripper operates without an external air supply it is highly mobile; unique air nodes link the air tubes to the suction cups making the entire system customisable.

The second product in the kit is the 3D vision system from the RARUK Automation Pickit range. Fast and easy to set-up, this highly accurate system can detect overlapping parts and parts made from most materials, whatever their colour, on a variety of surfaces; it also remains effective in changing or poor light conditions. The easy-to-use software allows the system to be programmed by anyone, regardless of previous experience.

Robotiq Machine Tending Copilot software suite completes the kit and is also designed to save hours of programming. It incorporates the company's original Force Copilot software but also unlocks additional features such as the creation of programs that will automatically adjust all movement according to the object's position using contact offset. This makes it ideal if the cobot is handling parts which are not always in the exact, same place or if the cobot is on a mobile base.

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