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Point Grey has announced the latest addition to its line of Blackfly GigE Vision cameras. The new BFLY-PGE-50A2 camera uses the MT9P031 (monochrome) and MT9P006 (colour) CMOS sensors from Aptina and is capable of streaming full resolution 5 megapixel images at 13fps.

Region of interest functionality allows users to configure the sensor to output a smaller window of pixels at a higher frame rate, such as HD 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) at 28fps. The MT9P031 and MT9P006 sensors offer a 1/2.5-inch optical format, making it compatible with CS-mount optics.

Like all other Blackfly camera models the BFLY-PGE-50A2 camera supports cable lengths of up to 100m using Gigabit Ethernet, third-party imaging library support using the GigE Vision standard, and features including Power over Ethernet, temperature and status monitoring, in-field updatable firmware, colour interpolation and look-up table and gamma.

The camera is suited to applications in machine vision and factory automation; scientific applications such as astronomy, microscopy and biophotonics; and visualisation applications such as video conferencing and kiosk imaging.


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