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AutoSens launches in Hong Kong in 2020

The autonomous vehicle technology event, AutoSens, has launched in Hong Kong.

Arriving in Hong Kong during November 2020, the third iteration to the annual AutoSens calendar will deliver more of the same in-depth technical content addressing vehicle perception and sensing challenges, as well as establishing a local finger on the pulse, to discuss the latest pan-Asian market developments. 

The event is going from strength to strength in both Europe and America. Currently bringing together 1,000+ senior engineers and technical experts throughout the year to network, collaborate, solve shared challenges and advance autonomous vehicle technologies more rapidly. The conference is experiencing increased demand for its technical forums from across the automotive and sensor sectors.

In 2018, its Brussels conference and exhibition sold out. Following demand from industry stakeholders, organisers Sense Media will launch a third event in the AutoSens series, adding capacity for a further 500 engineers to join the world-wide community. Asia is a hugely important market for automotive and autonomous technology, and hence, an essential market for AutoSens as an international hub of senior engineers and technologists.

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