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AisaIbis and SisuChema

Specim, a provider of hyperspectral instrumentation, has released new software and hardware for hyperspectral imaging. AisaIbis is a robust and high spectral resolution hyperspectral imager for ground and airborne measurement of sun induced fluorescence from plants, while SisuChema, amplified by Breeze software, is a hyperspectral chemical imaging analyser for forensics, food, pharmaceutics and agricultural applications.

AisaIbis is designed to measure the fluorescence signal of plants by applying the Fraunhofer line depth method. The method is very demanding for the instrument, as it requires high spectral resolution in the order of 0.25nm, high dynamic range and high signal-to-noise ratio. According to Specim, the product is the first commercial hyperspectral imager which meets these requirements even at the image rate required in airborne data collection. It works as a robust tool for mapping the sun induced fluorescence from single leaves to complete ecosystems.

Specim created AisaIbis together with Jülich Research Centre from Germany, as the Hyplant sensor, for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Earth Explorer programme called FLEX. The project aims at providing global maps of vegetation fluorescence, which can be converted into an indicator of photosynthetic activity. AisaIbis works as a precursor for a potential satellite instrument, and is used to produce airborne data for the development of fluorescence retrieval methods and investigation of the quantitative accuracy of the fluorescence measurement.

The SisuChema chemical imaging analyser with Breeze software is designed to turn hyperspectral data into tangible results effectively using chemometric methods. The analyser is a full solution with everything that is needed for chemical imaging. The spectral image data cube is transferred to quantitative and qualitative visualised maps via user-friendly and intuitive software.

Specim developed SisuChema Breeze in co-operation with UmBio from Sweden.


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