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ADAS1256 X-ray analogue front end

Analog Devices has introduced a highly integrated digital X-ray analogue front end (AFE). The device has low noise performance in multiple power-mode options, and excellent image quality.

The 256-channel ADAS1256 digital X-ray AFE is a single-chip solution incorporating low-noise programmable-charge amplifiers, correlated double-sampling circuitry, and 16-bit A/D converters. With a noise figure of an equivalent charge of 560 electrons at a 2 picocoulomb full-scale range, the ADAS1256 enables high resolution digital X-ray images to be captured while reducing patient exposure to X-ray dose.

The device has multiple functional power modes ranging from 1mW/channel to 3mW/channel, allowing manufacturers to address a wide range of digital X-ray modalities including portable radiology and mammography, as well as high-speed fluoroscopy and cardiac imaging.


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