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A615 infrared camera

Flir has introduced the A615, a 640 x 480 focal plane array, uncooled infrared camera fully compliant with both GenICam and GigE Vision protocols. The high resolution, high frame rate camera can be connected to a network quickly and easily, enabling the user to take full advantage of plug-and-play with machine vision software from National Instruments, Cognex, Matrox, MVTec, Stemmer Imaging and many more.

Typical applications areas include automated part production and assembly, steel mill operations, food processing, product packaging, electronics production, non-destructive testing and car manufacturing. The camera is designed to make it easy for the manufacturer to validate and increase product quality and throughput, minimise waste and improve profitability. It can also enhance working safety as an effective early warning system for fire/hotspots.

The camera's 640 x 480 detector can capture fine image detail, while detection of temperature differences is enhanced by its <50mK sensitivity. A high radiometric video frame rate of 50Hz can be enhanced by the windowing function. This function allows the window size to be reduced to offer even greater processing speeds. At 640 x 240 100Hz can be achieved and at 640 x 120 200Hz.

Compliance with GigE Vision and GenICam standards allows the camera to be integrated with a wide variety of similarly compliant equipment and is supported by various third party software packages. Trigger and synchronisation capabilities enable it to control, or be controlled by other types of equipment. And when used with wireless and fibre optic line adaptors, this high performing camera can be used almost anywhere, including over long distances.

The Flir A615 is supplied as standard with a 25° lens. Flir produces its own lenses, an important benefit as it ensures the lens is optimally suited to the application.


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