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Cognex has released 3D-Locate, a library of 3D vision software tools that expands application possibilities in vision-guided robotics, assembly, and inspection.

Cognex 3D-Locate delivers accurate, real-time, 3D position information that enables automation equipment to work with a wider variety of parts, including items that are stacked or tilted. 3D-Locate can improve vision performance for challenging applications such as logistics and robot-guided de-palletising and precision assembly, and it can eliminate the need for expensive mechanical fixtures or measurement devices. The software can also be used in combination with Cognex code reading, gauging, and inspection tools.

The software uses multiple sets of 2D features found by Cognex's geometric pattern matching tool, PatMax, to determine an object's precise 3D orientation. PatMax tolerates non-uniform lighting and remains reliable even when patterns are partly covered, ensuring accurate part location even in the most challenging settings and conditions. Cognex 3D-Locate can also use input from other Cognex location tools such as SearchMax and PatFlex to help determine part orientation.

Application performance is enhanced by high-precision Cognex calibration tools that adjust for optical distortion and camera position, and synchronise cameras with moving elements like robot grippers. The software can handle high-throughput applications, and users have the option to choose from a wide range of industrial cameras.

Applications include: single camera applications that need more information than a 2D approach can offer; robot-mounted single or stereo camera guidance systems; work cells with multiple fixed-mount cameras, to eliminate mechanical fixtures; and dimensioning, sorting and picking applications on conveyor lines.


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