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2 Megapixel camera series

The Imaging Source, a manufacturer of industrial cameras, has released a new series of 2 Megapixel industrial cameras based on the with Sony ICX 274 sensor for cost sensitive applications.

The cameras are supplied in compact and robust aluminium casing and are available as monochrome and colour variants, with or without an IR cut filter. They have a USB 2.0 (without extra power supply) or GigE (with or without auto-iris control) and can output 15fps at a resolution of up 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. The cameras are optionally available with a trigger input and digital I/Os, which make them ideally suited to machine vision, automation, traffic surveillance, quality control, medicine, logistic and security applications.

The software support of the cameras caters to both programmers and end-users and integration into existing applications takes only a few lines of code. Drivers for LabView, Halcon, DirectX, Twain and WDM are included.

All camera parameters and settings can be set via the supplied software. Furthermore, a number of automatic modes are available, which guarantee optimal image quality in varying light conditions. The cameras ship with drivers for Windows XP, Vista and 7, the SDK IC Imaging Control (.NET, ActiveX and C++ class library) and IC Capture. The latter is a powerful end-user application, which allows all camera parameters to be set, live video to be displayed, singular images and image sequences to be captured.


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