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Zeiss completes Xradia acquisition

Carl Zeiss has completed its acquisition of US-based Xradia, which will now operate under the new name of Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc. This acquisition further strengthens the position of the Zeiss Microscopy business group.

X-ray microscopes show unique capabilities in materials research, providing 3D imaging of the internal structure of materials. X-ray microscopes close the resolution gap between light and electron microscopy and offer scientists multiple new imaging modalities to complement their research.

The Zeiss Xradia Ultra and Versa series cover a large resolution range, enabling the user to find the region of interest easily by zooming into larger samples. Zeiss is working towards integrated workflow solutions for life sciences and materials research.

Zeiss is aiming to make the X-ray technology more accessible to a broader range of applications and workflows. Customers will also benefit from direct service capabilities at multiple locations globally.


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