Vitronic presents Daimler AG with Vintec Award

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Dr Norbert Stein, president of Vitronic, has presented the Vintec Award 2008 to Daimler AG for the joint development and installation of a groundbreaking welding concept at the Daimler plant in Mettingen.

The Vintec Award is presented annually to customers or suppliers who, in cooperation with Vitronic, develop innovative solutions which improves joint knowledge. The award was presented at the Euroblech trade fair in Hannover to Günter Kasper, head of axle production at Daimler AG.

Welded seams are automatically inspected and optimized using Virowsi a weld seam inspection system from Vitronic. Since its installation in February 2007 more than 8 million welded seams have been inspected and, if necessary, optimised. After successfully implementing the system on the production line of the C-Class, Daimler has also decided to use the system for the new E-Class.

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