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Vision Award entrants announced

The entrants to the Vision award, part of the biennial Vision trade fair in Stuttgart, have been announced. The list comprises 41 entries covering the full spectrum of vision technologies, from sensors to embedded systems.

Imaging and Machine Vision Europe (IMVE) is proud to sponsor the award, which will be presented during the Vision show in Stuttgart, Germany, held from 8 to 10 November.

A jury of machine vision experts – made up of Jens Michael Carstensen from Videometer, Michael Engel from Vision Components, Gabriele Jansen from Vision Ventures, Ronald Mueller from Vision Markets, Dr Christian Ripperda from Isra Vision, Martin Wäny from Awaiba, and Dieter-Josef Walter from Daimler – will draw up a shortlist, which IMVE will publish in more depth in the October/November issue.

Odos Imaging won the award in 2014 for its 3D time-of-flight cameras for machine vision. ‘It was a great honour to win the Vision Award, particularly for a young company operating in an industrial marketplace,’ commented Dr Chris Yates, CEO of Odos Imaging, speaking recently to Imaging and Machine Vision Europe.

‘I think that winning the award has also increased the visibility of time-of-flight technology to a wider audience, as well as demonstrating that the technology has a future within an industrial context,’ Yates added. ‘It is also interesting that since winning the award, we have received an increased volume of contact from parties outside of traditional machine vision, suggesting that the profile of the Vision Award reaches well beyond the immediate machine vision community.’

Yates named three points necessary for a winning entry: innovation, that the technology addresses a current or future need in the marketplace, and that the entrant can communicate the technology clearly.

‘I think that there were a combination of factors that contributed to our success in winning the award, including the real need for 3D capability in machine vision, both as an enabler and a driver for growth, as well as the novelty of our approach to time-of-flight imaging,’ he said.

Since winning the award, Odos Imaging has been developing its core time-of-flight technology to reach higher performance. It has also broadened its camera portfolio with the StarStop Freeze Motion camera, which builds on the company’s expertise in ultra-precise timing and high-power pulse illumination.

Vision Award entrants

  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Digital Safety and Security department, Xposure LeMans – world-leading technology as door opener for new embedded high-speed vision applications, Dorothea Heiss
  • Aphesa, A novel 120dB image sensor platform and camera for scientific and industrial applications, Arnaud Darmont (Aphesa), Benoit Dupont (Pyxalis)
  • CSEM, Real-time embedded face detection and recognition on the vision-in-package system, Engin Türetken
  • Datalogic Automation, Leading-edge machine vision technology for object recognition, Stefano Savino
  • Di-soric Solutions, Machine vision 4.0 – vision totally integrated into the Siemens TIA portal, Markus Damaschke
  • Dioptic, Automated surface quality inspection of lenses and optical flats using dark field stray light imaging and image processing, Dr Arno Warken
  • E2v, A 3D time-of-flight solution with leading state-of-the-art 1.3MP depth resolution dedicated to industrial environments and markets, Ha Lan Do Thu
  • E2v, The highest speed frame grabber-less camera using proven multi-line CMOS technology from e2v utilising the new Nbase-T interface, Lionel Touchart
  • Emergent Vision Technologies, 10/100 was good. GigE is better. 10GigE is the best!, Michelle Rogers
  • Euresys, The Memento event logging system from Euresys, Marc Damhaut
  • EVT Eye Vision Technology, Smart sensor fusion – for depth and function analysis, Michael Beising
  • Fastree3D, Advanced 3D imagers for rapid movement capture, Claude Florin
  • First Light Imaging, C-Red 2: a revolution for machine vision, Cecile Brun
  • Fujifilm Europe, Fujinon HF-12M lens series – 12MP resolving power in the most compact lens size currently available, Nina Kürten
  • Irsalab, Designing a new automation system to detect the purchase of goods and calculate invoices using image processing and face detection, Mojtaba Farzaneh, Masoome Fatahi, Seyed Javad Azimfar, Ali Akbar Jalilian
  • LMI Technologies, Gocator 2410 3D smart sensor and Gocator ecosystem, Terry Arden
  • Machine Vision Lighting, VISA-method lighting (Variable Irradiation Solid Angle) – overturning conventional wisdom about lighting, Shigeki Masumura
  • Matrix Vision, The innovative combination of MvBlueGemini smart camera hardware with its twin MvImpact-CS imaging software greatly simplifies industrial image processing and brings Industry 4.0 another step closer, Ulli Lansche
  • Matrox Imaging, Matrox SureDotOCR, dedicated OCR technology for reading challenging dot-matrix text, Sally Manuel
  • Mesure-Systems 3D, Non-contact exhaustive in-line inspection of gears, Dr Marc Rosenbaum
  • Metrilus, MetriX – mobile dimensioning
  • Midwest Optical Systems, MidOpt: StablEdge filter design
  • Nerian Vision Technologies, SP1 stereo vision system, Dr Konstantin Schauwecker
  • Newnex Technology, FireNex-5000H optical repeater with power delivery
  • Opto Engineering, Core series gives shape to the new era of telecentric optics, Alena Verameyeva
  • Opto Engineering, Albert – self-learning vision system based on artificial intelligence, Massimo Castelletti
  • Optotune Switzerland, The world's largest focus tunable lens EL-16-40-TC with 16mm clear aperture, Mark Ventura
  • Perception Park, Chemical colour imaging – the evolution of machine vision, Markus Burgstaller
  • Photoneo, Photoneo 3D scanner, Jan Zizka, Tomas Kovacovsky
  • Pleora Technologies, Nbase-T: solving bandwidth and cost demands for imaging system design, John Phillips
  • Princeton Infrared Technologies, LineCaM12 SWIR and visible line scan camera, Dr Martin Ettenberg
  • Sick Vertriebs, Intuitive 3D inspection for the smart factory, Fredrik Sylvan, Nina Hammerin
  • Silicon Software, Embedded VisualApplets – Use the potential of your machine vision component, Michael Noffz
  • Tag Optics, Tag zIP: ultrafast 3D z-inspection photography for machine vision applications
  • Teledyne Dalsa, TurboDrive technology speeds machine vision inspection beyond the GigE barrier, Eric Carey
  • Teledyne Dalsa, High-speed line scan polarisation camera, Xing-Fei He
  • Varioptic, Integrated variable focus C-mount lenses with no moving parts, Frédéric Laune
  • ViDi Systems, Artificial intelligence-based visual analytics for machine vision: ViDi suite 2.0, Reto Wyss
  • Vieworks, Achieving up to 256 times greater sensitivity with normal lighting systems, Donghyuk Kim, Dohyun Park
  • Xenics, Laser gated imaging – Bobcat-320 Gated, Raf Vandersmissen
  • Zivid Labs, Zivid – the world's most accurate real-time 3D colour camera, Henrik Schumann-Olsen, Øystein Skotheim

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