VDMA and VDI cooperate on vision standard

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VDMA is now cooperating with the Association of German Engineers, the VDI, on its standard guidelines for specifying a machine vision system.

VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 Part 2: ‘Machine vision – guideline for the preparation of a requirement specification and a system specification’ is designed to give suppliers and users of machine vision a guideline for setting up a machine vision system.

The machine vision chapter of the VDMA and the VDI/VDE Society Measurement and Automatic Control division will jointly disseminate the standard specifications.

VDMA Machine Vision will distribute VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 Part 2 not only to the machine vision community, but also to users of machine vision systems, since the standard helps to avoid misunderstandings and supports both suppliers and customers of machine vision systems. VDMA has produced a video (www.vdma.org/flawless) illustrating the benefit of carefully prepared requirement and system specifications for machine vision projects in compliance with VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 Part 2.

‘We are currently working on yet another standard concerning the acceptance test of classifying machine vision systems,’ said Michael Heizmann, chairman of the expert committee on machine vision at the VDI/VDE Society Measurement and Automatic Control. ‘We are pleased that the VDMA is motivating its members to become active in this body because we want to prepare concepts for this important issue that are not only scientifically sound but are also practice-oriented.’

Heiko Frohn, CTO of Vitronic and board member of VDMA Machine Vision, said: ‘Our employees are active in VDMA and VDI committees. The well structured cooperation of both organisations prevents duplication of effort and creates synergies. The result is gratifying: I am not aware of any other standard for the communication between providers and users of machine-vision systems worldwide that is as open, accessible and as broadly accepted. I am pleased that in this important issue we are all pulling in the same direction.’

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