Thorlabs adds cytometry imaging capability with acquisition of CompuCyte

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Thorlabs has acquired CompuCyte Corporation, a developer of Laser Scanning Cytometry (LSC) products for high-content cellular and tissue-based analysis.

As part of the transaction, CompuCyte personnel will join Thorlabs’ sales, technical support and product development organisation in Sterling, Virginia.

Founded by Dr Louis Kamentsky, CompuCyte introduced Laser Scanning Cytometry technology to provide an essential imaging complement to traditional flow cytometry techniques. The technology combines the advantages of digital microscopy, image processing and cytometry, delivering high-content analysis of adherent cells and tissue specimens.

The iGeneration instruments (iCyte, iCys, and iColor) incorporate proprietary non-confocal laser scanning imaging technology, which offers many advantages over alternatives. It provides true quantitative analysis, multiple light sources and detectors, flexible dye combinations, and variable-resolution scanning for maximum flexibility.

Jeff Brooker, general manager of Thorlabs Imaging Division, stated: ‘The acquisition of the CompuCyte product lines is an important step forward for Thorlabs as it works to extend its innovative family of life-science imaging products into the cytometry market.’

Dr Elena Holden, CompuCyte former president and CEO, said: ‘CompuCyte has created a family of imaging instruments to serve an unsurpassed variety of applications and markets. We are delighted to have found an exceptional partner in Thorlabs. United by a complete dedication to the needs of our customers, we look forward to continuing development of new imaging cytometry products.’

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