Stemmer Imaging supports UK engineering education

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Stemmer Imaging has made a donation of £1,495 to support engineering education in the UK. It made the donation to EDT, a provider of science, technology, engineering and mathematics enrichment activities for UK youth, after pledging to make a contribution for every response received to an independently commissioned, confidential customer satisfaction survey.

Mark Williamson, director of corporate market development at Stemmer Imaging, said: 'Stemmer Imaging has always considered training and education to be extremely important. Our success is linked to finding the best staff who work closely with competent and motivated engineers on customer projects. Machine vision is an exciting area of engineering which is playing an ever-increasing role in people’s lives. More and more products in a host of industries are inspected using machine vision technology right the way through the production process to final labelling and packaging. It is essential for continued development in this important field that the country maintains a strong output of engineers and EDT does excellent work in encouraging young people to pursue an interest in engineering-related subjects. I am pleased that Stemmer Imaging is able to play a small part in motivating more young people into our exciting profession.'

EDT CEO Gordon Mizner said: 'EDT operates a range of work-related learning schemes to provide opportunities for 11-21 year olds to enhance their technical, personal and employability skills and careers awareness through industry-led projects, industrial placements and specialised courses. We help develop partnerships, build links between education and industry and help organisations reach talent and connect with young engineers and scientists across the UK. Naturally we were delighted to receive this donation from Stemmer Imaging and look forward to working with them more closely on future projects.'

'Everyone benefited from this exercise,' added Williamson. 'We received some very valuable and positive feedback from our customer survey and were delighted that the level of response allowed us to make a substantial donation to EDT. Our commitment to education is ongoing and we plan to participate in one of EDT’s schemes in the future.'

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