Specialised Imaging to distribute Optronis' Streak cameras

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Specialised Imaging Inc, the US sister company of Specialised Imaging Ltd, has reached an agreement with Optronis (Kehl, Germany) to exclusively distribute Optronis' range of Streak camera systems throughout North America.

Streak cameras provide a unique method of imaging very fast events that cannot be captured using normal high speed imaging techniques. Streak images can be obtained in just picoseconds opening the door to fundamental research in areas including biochemistry, nanotechnology, pharmacology and semiconductor materials as well as studying energetic materials (detonics) and electrical discharge phenomena. Specialised Imaging will offer the full line of Optpscope-SC streak cameras.

Wai Chan, managing director of Specialised Imaging, commented: 'The Optronis Streak systems perfectly complement our own range of ultra high-speed framing cameras. Recording simultaneous ultra fast two-dimensional and time-resolved images through an integrated Streak/Framing camera system is of significant interest to scientists.'

Incorporating a supplementary optical port, that uses a beam splitter to deliver 50 per cent of the primary image to an image plane, Specialised Imaging SIM framing camera's allow secondary instruments such as streak cameras, high speed video or time resolved spectrometers to share the same optical axis as the framing channels. Using this innovative supplementary optical port facility, the SIM can be integrated with an Optpscope-SC streak camera to give a simultaneous framing and streak camera system.