Point Grey Research joins Cognex Acquisition Alliance

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Point Grey Research has joined the newly launched Acquisition Alliance programme of Cognex.

The programme is designed to strengthen the strategic partnership between both vendors to better serve customers using Cognex VisionPro software and Point Grey digital video cameras. Key components of the programme include the integration of Point Grey cameras with the Cognex VisionPro software as soon as new cameras are released to the market, VisionPro camera qualification and testing, as well as product cross-training to ensure better customer service.

'We are honoured to be part of the Cognex Acquisition Alliance, which effectively formalises the strong relationship that we have built with their organisation over the last several years,' said Michael Gibbons, product marketing manager at Point Grey Research. 'We strongly believe that this programme will yield valuable benefits for our mutual customers. By providing a process for fast and easy delivery of Cognex Configuration Files (CCFs) for all supported Point Grey cameras, we can maximise product compatibility and minimise integration issues.'

John Petry, business unit marketing manager at Cognex commented: 'By integrating Point Grey cameras with Cognex's VisionPro software, the entire Point Grey product line will be accessible to VisionPro customers, and new cameras will be supported as soon as they are released.'

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