Photonex to highlight research in nano- and bioimaging

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The photonics event, Photonex, which will run 16-17 October in Coventry, UK, will have a full day of presentations highlighting the advances that have been made in high-resolution imaging techniques.

Nine speakers have agreed to present their latest research results at the nano- and bio-imaging meeting. The line-up includes world-renowned speaker from Denmark, Professor Jesper Glükstad, who will talk about a mesoscopic toolbox for biophotonics. His presentation, entitled ‘watching immune cells kill using super-resolution microscopy’, will demonstrate how photonics is no longer the sole domain of the physics department and show the latest developments in high resolution microscopy.

Dr Frederic Festy, a senior lecturer at King's College London and co-chair for the meeting, said: ‘We are very excited by the level of new science being presented at Photonex. As well as the talks, we are now looking for poster contributions to the meeting which will provide a great environment for networking for delegates and speakers alike. My co-chairs and I are looking forward to an exciting day in Coventry in October.’

Photonex is now in its 22nd year and will be co-located this year with Vacuum Expo, an event dedicated to vacuum technologies.

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