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Partnership on the menu for Schott and REO

Schott Advanced Optics and Research Electro-Optics (REO) are now strategic partners, allowing the two companies to provide a single source for a broad array of coated precision optical components including lenses, prisms and windows.

In addition, the partners say the deal will enhance their ability to innovate and deliver custom integrated optical assemblies for current and new applications and markets.

The rising demand for innovation, quality and added value in industrial and commercial optical applications has driven this partnership, the companies say; by combining Schott's ability to manufacture and develop optical glasses and materials with REO’s fabrication and thin-film coating expertise, both partners are now able to establish new visible, infrared and laser components, filters and other novel products.

'In REO we have found a cooperation partner that strengthens our capabilities in finishing optical components,' said Peter Kruell, director of sales and marketing for EMEA and Americas at Schott Advanced Optics. 'This partnership allows us to further optimise our materials for use in lasers, night-vision systems, and other demanding applications. We are now able to bring precision optical components and assemblies to customers through a single source.'

'Schott Advanced Optics has proven optical material expertise and measurement capabilities in areas such as high homogeneous glasses, filter glass and specialty materials,' said Ed Yousse, vice president of sales and marketing at REO. 'By combining our strengths, we are able to bring to market ready-to-use optical components and assemblies that fit customers’ specifications and needs.'


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