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Nuclear imaging tracer under development to benefit tumour biopsies

An injectable tracer that can provide both nuclear imaging in the pre-operative evaluation of tumours and optical imaging during ablation or biopsy is being developed by CEA-Leti and four French partners.

The three-year Nano-ENO project is developing a specific tracer using a patented organic nano-carrier (Lipidot).

When treating cancer, medical professionals often look to several diagnostic tools and surgical aids, including positron emission tomography (PET) scan and fluorescence imaging.

The nuclear markers used in a PET scan help provide high-resolution images, while optical contrast agents facilitate the identification of tumour cells in real-time. Combining these imaging technologies makes it possible to confirm that the tumours being operated on correspond to the tumours identified in the pre-operative studies. It also allows for a more thorough procedure to be performed with reduced overall surgical time; not only can the surgeon work more quickly and with greater precision, but the entire operation is streamlined, allowing for a more efficient use of operating rooms and surgical staff.


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