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MV revenue growth predicted to slow

The growth in machine vision revenues is showing signs of slowing, according to John Morse, senior analyst at IMS Research. He continued that this was not entirely unexpected following the dramatic recovery during 2010 from recession. According to IMS Research's Machine Vision 2011 report, 2010 global revenues grew by nearly 40 per cent, fully recovering from the devastating fall during 2009.

Morse further commented: 'This levelling of growth rate is no surprise and was forecast in the latest edition of the report, published in February this year. What is a bit surprising is the sharp decline detected in the first half year results from the IMS Research machine vision quarterly market tracker, particularly in the Americas and Asia. EMEA seems to be holding up better at this time.

The completion of re-stocking following the down-turn is a likely factor contributing to this slowing of growth rate. Global revenues are still projected to grow about 10 per cent in 2011, compared with IMS Research's estimate for global industrial activity which is projected to grow 7-8 per cent. The longer term prospects for machine vision are forecast to be better but the warning signs suggest there is no room for complacency. We will continue to monitor the situation closely through our tracking activities.'

In the field of robotics, the findings from a market intelligence survey by AMC, entitled ‘Robot Vision’, conclude that real-time detection and the integration of machine vision are the most important vision topics for companies focused on robotics and automation in the near future.

The report represents information given by turnkey suppliers, system integrators, product and component manufacturers and manufacturing companies from Europe and North America.


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