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Multipix Imaging to support apprentices at Manufacturing Technology Centre

Vision provider Multipix Imaging has become a patron of the UK Manufacturing Technology Centre's (MTC) apprenticeship training facility. The company will supply machine vision equipment to MTC’s newly opened Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC), near Coventry, UK.

Julie Busby, Multipix director, commented: ‘Machine vision is vital in many manufacturing disciplines today and it is essential that we train young engineers so they understand how to use this technology to create automated vision solutions. There is a lack of vision engineers in the UK today and this must be addressed if we are to secure a position in global manufacturing.

‘Multipix Imaging is delighted that the AMTC has recognised this, and we look forward to supporting the training and education of the apprentices here.’

Julie Busby started her career as a Marconi Space Systems engineering apprentice and then progressed to study electronics at Loughborough University. It was five years later in 1997 that she and a co-founder (also an ex-apprentice) created Multipix Imaging.

The company will be offering three of its own apprenticeship positions this year, ranging from IT to digital marketing, according to Peter Hunt, co-founder of Multipix Imaging.

He added: ‘We were excited to be part of the AMTC initiative from the moment we became aware of the programme and the potential to be involved in training young people in machine vision. We have had fantastic support from our suppliers, namely Basler, MVTec, Datalogic, Moritex and Prophotonix in assisting with equipment and materials for the students.’

Paul Rowlett, managing director of the MTC’s training centre, commented: ‘We’re delighted to have Multipix Imaging on board as a patron. They will provide invaluable support and play a major role in helping to develop our next-generation engineers. This partnership presents a fantastic opportunity for our apprentices to benefit from their expert training using their latest machine vision equipment, enabling them to develop skills that are much-needed by industry.’

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