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Military contract to develop IR sensors

Cedip Infrared Systems has been retained as a partner of the System@tic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster, in order to develop innovative thermal imaging sensors.

The cluster is strategically positioned to master complex systems and key technologies (in optics, electronics and software) and to implement these systems in four growing target markets: security and defence, telecommunications, automotive and transportation and system design and development tools. It brings together more than 200 industrial, academic and institutional members from the Paris region that work in partnership on R&D projects.

Established earlier this year, the contract signed with Cedip Infrared Systems, will be to develop and supply militarised cameras amd systems in partnership with large defence and security industrial organisations and research groups.

As a partner in these projects, Cedip Infrared Systems will design and develop market new innovative thermal IR imaging sensors. The project should begin in the 4th quarter 2007.


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