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Matrix expands its matrix

Munich-based Matrix Technologies, a supplier of automated in-line x-ray inspection systems for industrial applications, has announced the establishment of a new production and service subsidiary, Matrix Inspection Systems, in Singapore.

The majority of Matrix’ high-speed AXI system installations in Asia are currently located in China, Japan and South Korea at an Asian customer base from the consumer electronics, EMS and automotive industry.

Solely in China, Matrix successfully completed approximately 50 system installations at four large production sites during the last year.

Since the beginning of 2012 and mainly driven by a significant increase in Asian demand for its high-speed Automated X-ray In-line (AXI) system solutions, the production of Matrix’ X2/X3 system series for further distribution to Asian end customers has been carried out in close cooperation with a Singapore-based assembling partner.

Marc Sperschneider, responsible for Matrix' foreign subsidiaries and shareholdings, said: 'We are happy to announce the opening of our Singapore subsidiary and new hardware assembling platform, which – in combination with our established R&D, software and application know-how provided by our German headquarters – will position Matrix for further growth in the Asian market place which we consider as the key growth market for industrial AXI inspection solutions over the next years.'


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