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Italy's machine vision market to grow by 10 per cent, according to EMVA report

Italy’s machine vision industry is expected to grow by 10 per cent in 2015, according to a market report published today by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA). The report, titled ‘Machine Vision in Italy,’ represents the first time the EMVA has analysed the Italian machine vision market. 

The report covers the vision industry, its customers, major applications as well as technical and commercial trends. In addition, the ‘ecosystem’ for machine vision is described, including clusters, research centres and associations, trade shows and specialist magazines. This is being supplemented by market and growth drivers and an estimate of the market volume. 

Despite the ongoing difficult national economic conditions, it is expected that 2015 will be a healthy year for machine vision in Italy. ‘During an EMVA survey amongst Italian vision players, none of the participants expected a decrease in turnover by the end of 2015. In fact, a quite robust increase in turnover of around 10 per cent is anticipated, supported by the powerful exports of most customer industries,’ said Andreas Breyer, EMVA’s director of market research.

‘Italy is a world leading machine building nation and has a healthy mix of small and medium size enterprises in its industry. The main portion of machine vision applications in Italy are realised in the industrial environment. This explains the large number of system providers and integrators in Italy,’ Breyer added.

‘Also remarkable is the high number of academic institutes dedicated to machine vision disciplines. Altogether, we identified more than 200 players in the Italian machine vision market. Adding the relevant industry associations, all these players are listed by name and website in the report.’

With the current 2015 market report the EMVA continues the strategy to investigate all European markets through the eyes of the machine vision industry.

In June, the EMVA hosted its annual business conference in Athens, Greece, where industry experts discussed how Europe's machine vision market is being affected by the Greek economic crisis as well as relations between the EU and Russia. However, although it was warned that challenges faced in Greece and Ukraine might influence sales within Europe, the overall machine market still appears strong – at the event, Gabriele Jansen of Vision Ventures and one of the re-elected EMVA board of directors, said that the first quarter of 2015 had seen 7 per cent growth in the European market, with an estimate of 10 per cent growth for 2015 as a whole. 

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